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warriors new home barring a last-minute rejection . >> complete bay area news conch starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's monday, october 15th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. the golden state warriors are giving us our first look at their plans for a new arena on the san francisco waterfront. developers today showed off the look of the new facility to be located on peers 30 and 32. new at 7:00 chambers live in the city with a sneak peek at the design and the hurdles that may still get in the way. >> gasia, five years from now will be a state of the art multi-purpose facility that will hold 17,500 seats. home of the nba's golden state warriors back on the eastern most edge of piers 30, 32, but doing that won't be easy. >> the pier itself needs to be
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stable sxiedz that's an important pafrt of the project and at this point in time the owners of the warriors are spending about $100 million just to stabilize the pier. >> the team is putting 100% of the bill through private finances. it will be surrounded by retalt shops and at least 50% of the site will have dedicated open space. >> 7 acres of the design that we unveiled today is going to be brand new space really reclaiming this beautiful part of our waterfront so that means we're exposing about 8 thousand square feet of water that currently is covered over by the pier today. we're actually working much harder to expose more water. >> the designer says they don't want to take away from san francisco's amazing view sos they plan to build in line with other buildings and attractions and although they're one step closer this project is not a done deal. >> we are negotiating with the city the exact terms of the deal of two state agencies. >> still have five seasons left
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in oakland arena and also tomorrow evening at 6:00. live in san francisco i'm paul cham bers ktvu channel 2 news. that was the sound of a swat team firing tear gas canisters into a home in west oakland today after getting reports that a murder suspect was barricades inside. it started with a call just before 11:30 this morning about a dispute at that home on 21st street near market. people thad been inside the home told officers that godfrey jackson wanted for a murder last month was still inside. it wasn't just before 5:00 p.m. that officers completed the search of the home and found it empty. commissioners at the port of oakland have resumed an emergency closed-door meeting that began friday including an almost $4,500 trip to a houston strip club. >> now going to closed session at the hour of 5:48.
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>> a receipt for the treasured gentlemen's club was among the more than 1 thousand pages of expenses we obtained through the california public records act. that receipt knows that the port's director of maritime james kwon paid for 12 people, a delegation of executives from hyundai and burlington northern santa fe, the railroad company. it has no records of any executives being in houston at that time. the port has not yet respond ed
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ed. >> it'll handle complaints of election fraud and voting rights such as discrimination at the polls, intimidating reviving voters buying and selg votes and making ballots for voters. >> very important step to, again, just show more trance paraphernalia si to have elections process, also show how offices work together in san francisco when it comes to their elections. >> the hot line number is 415-551-9548. it's available in english, spanish, cantonese and mandarin. president obama and republican challenger mitt romney stayed out of the
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spotlight today as they prepared for tomorrow night's presidential debate. the state in hemp stead, new york. this debate will be town hall style where the candidates will have to answer questions from the audience. cnn chief political correspondent is the moderator. ktvu channel 2 will carry tomorrow's debate life. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m.. it will be followed by your special edition of ktvu channel 2 news. congresswoman blasted a plan to cut food stamps. vice president shl candidate paul ryan's proposal to strip the food stamp program of more than $1 billion would devastate low-income residents who rely on the food bank to feed their families. one in six residents relies on the food bank, almost two-thirds of whom are seniors and children. bay area home prices hit their highest level at more than four years last month. the research firm data quick say it is jump in price draw from the number of foreclosed homes
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on the market. the median bay area home price last month was $425,000. the price was up 568% from august and up 17% from one year ago. data quick says improving economy and record-low mortgage rates are helping the housing market. an international holding company has made a deal to take a controlling stake in america's third-largest wireless phone provider. today 70% ownership of sprint. the deal is valued at about $20 billion. sprint is hoping the move can turn around the company's fortune, which has been staggering ever since the purchase of nextel in 2005. on wall street retail spinning provided a spark. the dow industrial gained 59 points, its best day in a month. nasdaq 20. the new report indicates retail sales rose more than 1% last month. hundreds of papal employees could soon be out of a job. there's word tonight the company is planning lay offs of as many as 400 workers. papal is owned by san jose-based
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ebay. papal told employees about plans to quote strengthen and simplify the way it creates and delivers product. for the second time in less than a week a professor at stanford is being honored with a nobel prize. gal vin roth received a standing ovation as he spoke today about the prize in economics that he's sharing with ucla profes tore. ross and shap lee created an algorithm that's used for making real world matches such as pairing medical students with hospitals and matching kidneys with patients who need transplants. >> and this will make it easier for people to know that -- that economists can be helpful. >> roth is currently a visiting professor from stanford but he has accepted a permanent position next fall. two additional drugs from a pharmaceutical company link today a deadly meningitis outbreak are now being scrutinized by the food and drug
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administration. the outbreak includes 214 cases of fun gal meningitis and 15 deaths being blamed on steroid shots produced by a company in massachusetts. three more patients contracted meningitis after getting two other types of steroids made by same company. a neighbor can't believe it. the woman aised in a string of arsons and her ties to a popular fire works festival. a holiday campaign that may go too far. the reinvention of cartoon characters caused an online fire storm. bay area warming trend will continue for your tuesday. coming up just how hot we expect to get
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. a suspicious package found tat uc san francisco medical center was deemed harmless today by police. the bomb squad was called to investigate the package about 7:45 a.m. there. police shut down the street rallied service in the area and evacuate add child care center. the bomb squad used its robot to check the package and found out it wasn't dangerous. new developments tonight in the case of a man who says insider information was used against him in a custody battle. it's an exclusive story we first brought to you back in june. now, brian lan caster's attorney has file add $3 million federal lawsuit against alameda county, lan caster's ex-wife, her attorney, and two law enforcement officer. his claim is an alameda county sheriff's deputy and a pleasanton police officer disclosed confidential information to lan caster's ex-wife so she could use it
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against him in the custody battle for their two children. there is new intriguing information today on a south bay woman who rushed to numerous neighborhood arsons. her neighbor shown on camera. >> shocking. very shocking. we kind of suspected it was a neighbor. >> not her, huh. >> no, never her. >> why's that. >> she was always very concerned. >> looking back now, what about her actions that you think about now. >> well, she was always the first person out there. >> release dz on bail this morning. we knocked on her door.
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nobody answered but as we waited, somebody locked the door and set the dead bolt. >> neighbors say often talked about how she and a long-time partner put on the fout of july fire works somehows in gil roy and according to some public reports were well known for the shows but san jose fire officials say the arson fires were ignited simply with matches or fire sdmrs nothing sophisticated at all about the way the fires were set. >> for some rez dents it is arrests doesn't end all the fear. >> still not totally. >> not until they've told us that she did all of them, you know. >> she was arrested on one count of arson but investigators were back here today to see if they can connect her to the other ten cases. in san jose, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. the bmx world is mourning the loss of an o limb mick motocross racer. kyle bennett was killed in a slow low car crash yesterday in eastern texas. he was 33 years old. now, we found this you tube video of bennet competing at the
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uci bmx world championship earlier this year. bennett was a three-time bmx world champion and was on the first olympic team in 2008. he's sur viefed by his fiance and a four-year-old daughter. the nhl and player's union say they will resume negotiations tomorrow in toronto. the talks will come after a four-daybreak following two week of meeting last week. players missed their first schedule of regular paycheck today. the lock out is now in its fifth week. the nhl has called off 82 games in the first two weeks of the season and more cancellations could happen if the deal is not reached. a decision is just around the corner on whether the bay area will be considered to host the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. the nfl is making the decision at its annual fall day meeting today and tomorrow in chicago. in chosen san francisco would be the host city and be the site of many of the pre-game festivities but the game would be played at the new 49ers stadium in santa
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clara set to be completed in 2014. a new holiday shopping campaign featuring modified disney characters is under critical fire tonight and sparking an online campaign. explains why some believe the promotions sendses the wrong message to girls. >> fashionable or faux pas. controversy is growing over highly stylized disney characters in barney's electric hl day campaign. >> linda runs girl incorporated of alameda county which provides programs like this one to empower girls. >> i think as a community we all need to take responsibility for what our children are seeing. >> she believes wid lg down beloved children's characters like mini mouz and daisy duck to to look good in designer dresses send it is wrong message sfls those are unrealistic images. our girls tell us tu prshs of being thin, of being beautiful
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is just another pressure that weighs on hem hely. >> an online petition to leave mini mouse alone has more than 120,000 signatures. the core i don't go fer who started it tells us via e-mail kids become happy or healthy through self-hate red but fostering positive body image is crucial to themselvess and well being. this one-time holiday project was designed to be a playful interpretation of the high-fashion world where many briefly imagine what it would be like in she and her friends were part of it. the images shown during the brief dream sequence and the animated short are highly stylized interpretations of these artistic characters. disney's blog further explains its decision. the campaign is set to marc in november. . microsoft is getting in on the mobile music game. it's launched a new service called xbox music available on
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all tab lets. pick from millions of songs and stream them for free. the x box free muse ikz stream will include the occasional audio add. use the service on an x box game console or windows 8 smart phone. don't forget ktvu has a new ipad app ready for you to download. it posts updated drive time traffic, weather and breaking news available any time anywhere. the rolling stones today announced they plan to return to the stage to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first performance. the band says it will perform four concerts in the u.s. and britain. the first two will be in london in november followed by new washg new jersey on november 13th and 15th. mick jagger says the four dats will be followed by a longer string. a jump that seems straight out of the movies becomes an
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overknightsen sags. coming up how one major free fall turned an entire nation upside down. meteorologist rose mary orozco will let us know when it's expected to hit the low 90s. and if you're on the go or away from your tv you can still watch ktvu news cast live on your computer smart phone or tablet. get the app or go to
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. a street in venn na awe stree yeah has been renamed in honor to have man whose now become known as fearless felix after becoming the first man to shatter the sound barrier while in free fall. his jump yesterday was also the highest ever from 24 miles above the earth. when awe stree yan resident de scribed the new local hero as quote good pr for awe stree yeah. if you like warm weather, this is the woman to talk to. >> yes, we are headed in that direction. a nice day today woke up with fog once again even patchy and dense in some cases but warm up nicely by the afternoon with plenty of shun shine out there. we have partly cloudy skies mostly clear skies at this hour. the winds have picked up 18 miles an hour right now and westerly breeze at fairfield 12 miles per hour. a light breeze from san jose
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numbers flipping back into the 60s in some area. 69 in napa, 76 santa rosa, widespread low to mid 70s. concord down into livermore 66 greece right now. in oakland temperatures still a few greece above yesterday's numbers right about this time, and we did see a little bit of a warmup today over yesterday's highs. the warmup will continue but that's some of the hottest weather coming wednesday and possibly thursday. your satellite radar here so we do have high clouds moving overhead from time to time. you may have noticed them today. it's just the southern edge of this system that will continue riding over us. it's not going to bring us any rain. you can see plenty of rainfalling over the pacific northwest but we'll continue to see those clouds and eventually behind it the ridge of high pressure really strengthening and bringing us quite a heat up. so for tomorrow numbers are going to nudge just a little bit above what we felt today. by wednesday a bigger jump and, again, it will last for a couple days. low 90s in the forecast for some
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of the hotter spots. as we get started tomorrow morning temperatures back in the 50s, 57 for oakland, 54 redwood city, 55 in san ra fell. partly to mostly cloudy skies expecting fog once again in many areas. 56 in antioch and by the afternoon temperatures warming up a few degrees over today's highs. 86 for santa rosa, 83 in nevada, mid 70s for sausalito. 77 for oakland up over the hills and it's a warm one, livermore 76, 87 for pittsburgh, 81 for san jose, 80 greece for you santa clara and along the pe ninsular upper 70s to low 80s. 80 greers redwood city. 76 for san mateo. 74 in downtown san francisco tomorrow. going to be a nice day in downtown. there's your extended forecast with the heat up in the low 90s in the forecast wednesday/thursday and offshore breeze and the possibility of heightened fire concerns so we'll be watching that for you but then we cool down into the
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weekend. gasia. thank you, rose mary. san francisco giants fans are hoping their home field advantage will finally translate into a victory tonight [ crowd cheerg ] . game two of the league championship series begins shortly after #50k this evening but excitement over tonight's game start long before then. after yesterday 6-4 loss cardinals the giants and the fans are hoping to turn things around. >> our guys have a lot of heart and our fans have a lot of heart, and we're going to get them. >> right now the giants lead 5-1 in the 7th inning. if the giants hold on and win, it'll even the series at one game apiece as they travel to st. louis for game three in this best of seven series. from here on out you can watch all the giants play off games on ktvu channel 2. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight more on that official at the port of oakland spending public money at
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a strip club. our ktvu investigation turns up other questionable expenditures that add up to thousands of dollars. always here for you at ktvu doiktd. tmz is up next right here on tv 36
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